Behind the Cowl

Team Tony or Team Cap? Should the citizens of Metropolis honor or fear Superman? When should the Prime Directive be broken? And what in the world should be done about slavery in Meeren?

me-and-rolandMy name is Matthew Westfox, and like many, I’ve enjoyed the explosion of super hero movies and TV shows lately, letting them take up residence in my geek heart next to their sci-fi and fantasy cousins. I like the humor and the spectacle, but more than anything I like the questions they can raise.  Ever since Batman, Harvey Dent and Jim Gordon debated how best to fight for justice in the midst of corruption, I’ve loved to sit and debate the questions that a good story can raise.

This blog is a chance to explore some of those questions.

 I call it Superhero Ethics, because that’s what got me started on all this, but I’ll be exploring a pretty broad range of material. Superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy– basially if geeks talk about it or you might see it mentioned at a comic con, I’m probably going to talk about it.