How the Ant-Man Movies Subvert the Toxic Step-Father Trope

scott(contains minor spoilers for Ant-Man and Ant-Man & the Wasp.)

There are so many reasons the Ant-Man movies have become some of my favorites in the MCU. The humor, the nuanced and interesting characters, the small stakes, Scott Lang being a hero BEFORE he got powers, the introduction of a multi-generational female superhero lineage in The Wasp. But one of my favorite aspects, which they introduce in the first movie, and then quietly re-affim in the second, is how thoroughly they reject the traditional trope of the step-father/rival dad, as the villain who keeps our hero from being with his love.


Ep 50 (ish): What is a Hero?

Super Hero

What makes someone a hero? Does it matter if they choose their path is chosen, or it is assigned to them? Does a hero have to have something terrible happen to them, to inspire them to become heroic? And which villains come the closest to being heroes in their own right?


To celebrate our 50th episode, we got all three hosts, Paul, Matthew, and Jacob, on the line to look back at some of our past discussions. Unfortunately, there were technical issues, and we lost a lot of that conversation. We will be trying again soon, but meanwhile this is a shorter teaser episode, in which we look at the question that underlies so much of this podcast- what is a hero?


Stay tuned for a full version of our 3 way conversation coming as soon as we are able to re-record it. (And all learn when to hit the record button!)

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