The Ethics of Arrows, with JP Fairfield

JP and ArrowMy guest this week is JP Fairfield, of the Nerdgasm Noire Network and Operation Cubicle podcasts.  Together we explore the latest season of Arrow, the costs of being a hero, and why long suffering Quentin Lance deserves a break!



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The Arrow that Missed: The Gun Control Episode that said nothing

Beyond Redemption“If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for”?

My favorite superhero stories are the ones that serve as metaphor or allegory for issues in our own world, inviting the reader/watching to look at a question in a whole new light. That’s why this blog exists. Even when I disagree with the point that a particular author might be making, I’m still likely to celebrate the way they used the superhero genre to make it. So when I heard that Arrow, on the CW, was going to tackle the question of gun control in their upcoming episode Spectre of the Gun (season 5 episode 13), I was excited to see where they went with it. But I was disappointed by an episode that approached a difficult topic in the safest way possible, doing its absolute best not to offend anyone.


Mortal Kombat- The Reality of Fighting without Killing

(This post contains spoilers about the combat styles and some plot details of Daredevil, Captain America, Oliver Queen/Arrow and the Agents of SHIELD)


Imagine this conversation.  A few friends come by and tell you that they’ve started spending their nights fighting crime. You express some concern, and one of the re-assurances they give you is that they never kill the bad guys, just knock them out. Ok, you ask, well do you do that? So they start telling you about the guaranteed non-lethal forms of combat they employ, like…  (more…)