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EP 84: Jacob’s Last Waltz & Persona 5


Image result for persona 5Today’s episode is bittersweet as it marks Jacob’s last as co-host. To give him a proper send off, we’re diving into a topic he’s been eager to talk about- using mind control to make people stop doing bad things, in particular in the video game, Persona 5.  Is altering, or even completely changing, someone’s brain, a morally appropriate way to stop people from hurting others? If so, what acts justify it, and who decides? What does mind reprogramming look like as punishment in Babylon 5 and for Prof. X?

Jacob is stepping down as co-host, but he will remain a supporter and occasional guest of the show. He’s had a great run and brought so much to podcast that I’ll forever be grateful for.  Please join me in paying tribute to Jacob by sharing a favorite memory of his time, or just thanking him for being a part of this.

More info on the episode of Babylon 5 we discussed can be found here.


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Ep 67- Car Talk, Balance of Powered

super carsHow do you honor the rights of all in a society where some people have great powers, and others do not? What responsibility is it fair to put on those with great power, if any? And can Jacob and Matthew record a podcast, and a caraoke song, while zooming down a highway?


We took advantage of another long car trip to bring you a car talk episode, recorded on a phone in a car. We’ll be back in the studio and with an actual outline, soon, but we got into some great questions this time we think you will enjoy.  Whether you enjoy, skip or suffer through, the caraoke at the end, is a question between you and your maker.


Ep 62: In the Shadow of a Vorlon


Order or Chaos, or is that a false dichotomy? What are the dangers of one culture trying to guide and support the growth of another? Is Babylon 5 an allegory for the Cold War?



In this episode, we take on these questions and more, as we look at the Vorlons and the Shadows from Babylon 5. There will be spoilers galore, but even if you have never seen the show, we will bring you up to speed so you can understand the questions the show raises that we are diving into.

ALSO! This is the first new* episode of the year, and we have some bigs new to announce!

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*2018 year in review was recorded in 2018, but posted in 2019.


Hopelessly Devoted, but at what cost?


A hero is supposed to be devoted. To their country, to their cause, to their friends- whatever it may be, heroes are often defined by the thing they are willing to go to any extreme to protect and defend.


But what happens when that goes too far? On this episode, Jacob and Matthew discuss the costs of devotion, looking at the ways a cause can blind a person to the damage it is doing, to themself or to others.

This post contains spoilers about Captain America, Babylon 5, the Punisher, the 100, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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The Problems with Telepathy: Babylon 5 & the Psi Corps

Psi CorpsBabylon 5 is more than 20 years old, but it still raises great questions about telepathy, fear, and the ways we treat the “other.” In this episode, guest Jacob Milicic joins the cast for a discussion of Babylon 5 and the Psi Corp – an organization of telepaths that started as an attempt to limit and control telepaths, and instead becomes one of the most powerful groups in the B5 universe.



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Jacob Milicic may or may not be a sentient landfaring cross between a porpoise and a sponge. He has two hands and a face.

Check out his writings about Magic the Gathering, his article on compassionate coaching, and the Magic Judge of the Week Program.

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The Ethics of Mind-Reading: New Podcast Episode with guest Dr. Greg Haley

prof-xDo you want Professor X poking around in your head? Did the Jedi overuse their “not the droids you’re looking for” hand wave trick? This week, Dr. Greg Haley joins us for a discussion of the ethics of mind-reading, and a discussion of how it relates to discussions of surveillance and civil liberties in our own world.

Spoilers for the X-Men franchise and the TV show Babylon 5.

Dr. Greg Haley holds a doctorate in rhetoric and writing with a research focus in hermeneutics and identity construction.  He writes professionally on a wide range of topics from politics to mental health and philosophy.  His new website, will launch Oct 1st.

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