Ep 47- Ready Podcast One

ArtyWhat is the responsibility of a filmmaker to stay true to a book? What is the problem with ‘girl as prize’ romance plot lines? And is it possible Jacob and Matthew enjoyed the movie of a book they are so critical of?

This week, Jacob and Matthew throw down their quarters for a two player, two part, deep dive. They start out talking about the book and their hopes and concerns about the movie, then hit pause, watch the movie, and finish recording the podcast that same night! We dove into a number of issues, taking as comprehensive and well ordered approach to the work as anyone can at 11pm.

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A Wonderful Conversation: A Review of Wonder Woman and Philosophy

WW Book

Ever since she appeared in All Star Comics #8 in October of 1941, Wonder Woman has raised questions about issues such as gender, power, violence, and truth. Yet, in all her different iterations and with all her different writers, Wonder Woman has never provided simple answers to these questions. Instead, her legacy is that of a conversation spanning 70 years, with each new version of Princess Diana a commentary on the last ones.  I was excited to read Wonder Woman and Philosophy: The Amazonian Mystique because it promised the chance to dive neck deep into that conversations. It did not disappoint.