Ep 72: Who Teaches Ethics at Hogwarts?

Hogwarts CrestJacob and Matthew put on their house robes, pick up their quills and talk Potter! We’re talking Wizard-Muggle relations, the house system and whether Slytherins are all evil, and if Hermonie’s quest to save the House Elves is noble, colonialist, or a mix of both!

To make this episode accessible to Potter fans of all ages, we made a point to keep our language PG this time. 


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Ep 39: Thor & the Value of Fluff

Thor-Ragnarok-Reviews-BigThor: Ragnarok is pretty and fun, but there’s nothing here that we can dive into for an episode, is there? Challenge accepted!

This week we explore a number of from and about Thor. We talk about Odin’s revisionist history, and the evolving relationship between Thor and Loki. We also talk about the value of movies that don’t hit us with deep ethical questions, and how that balances with our love of heavier fare.