Dr. Strange

The Chosen Podcast! With Rebecca Rose Vassey


This week, Rebecca Rose Vassey is our guest for a discussion of the Chosen One trope in superhero media. Does a hero need to be chosen? Who gets to choose and who gets to accept or reject being chosen? What are other ways of identifying a hero?  Rebecca, aka Diva Darling, is a burlesque performer, writer, shenanigator, and pop culture geek, who joins Matthew for a discussion that dives into Buffy, Dr. Strange, Hunger Games and the Lego Movie.

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As Diva Darling, Rebecca Rose Vassy is a variety performer with an emphasis on nerdlesque. As a writer and blogger, she’s best known for pottymouth rants and absurdist humor. As a lifelong nerd and geek, she loves subverting tropes and overthinking pop culture. Join her shenanigans at divamojo.com, on Facebook as Diva Darling, or on Twitter at Diva_Mojo.

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A Strange Discussion

doctor-strange-city-bending-179855Paul is back and joins Matthew for a discussion of the new Dr. Strange movie. They dive deep on questions of identity, the emergence of magic in the MCU, the nature of hubris, the lack of strong asian characters, and the power of nonviolent confrontation.




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Part 2 of our Podcast on Luke Cage & Identity

luke-cage-bulletsIn this episode, Paul and I finish our discussion of the issue of identity in superheros, focusing on the first episode of Luke Cage along with related questions of identity and race in the  upcoming Dr. Strange and Iron Fist.


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