V for Dystopia


evey-vThis week, Paul and Matthew are joined by Logan Grendel, who talks with them about V for Vendetta, dystopian stories, and the ethics of violence. (It all ties together, we promise!)

“Dog man” Logan Grendel is a writer, artist, and activist born and raised in New York City. He is also a lifelong fan of comics, fantasy, and dystopian tales of all kinds. His own photo/graphic novel creation Harlequin’s Song was completed in 2006, and has never seemed more timely.


Urban Dog Care NYC is Logan’s dog-walking business and main source of dog stories, about which you shouldn’t ask unless you have several hours to spare. For a brief, humorous look at his findings, read his new book Putting Paws to Pavement.



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The Danger of Fear: Star Trek DS9 & the Need for Villians we can Relate to

This post contains spoilers about Star Trek: Deep Space 9 episodes Homeland and Paradise Lost.

DS9I’m four seasons into a binge watch of Star Trek: DS9, and I’m enjoying it far more than I thought I would.  The characters and stories show a bit more depth and maturity than I am used to from Trek, and the break from episodic story telling is a welcome relief.  But it’s still Trek, with all of the camp, the 2-dimensional non main characters and middle school approach to love, sex and relationships that I have come to expect.

So I’m not sure I can describe how surprised I was to get to the end of Homeland, the first in a two-parter in the middle of season 4 and realize I was watching a complicated, nuanced take on an issue with as much, if not more, relevance today than it had when it first aired. Even more surprisingly, the characters were in conflict and I didn’t know who I wanted to win!

This was something pretty new. And after getting to the end of the two-parter I’m comfortable saying its some of the best story telling Star Trek has even done.