Justice League and the Nature of Hope


Or can you?

The following contains spoilers about the movie, Justice League.

It took me a while to figure out how I felt about the new Justice League movie. Walking out of the theater, I felt pretty neutral. I didn’t love the movie, but it was ok.  It was certainly miles better than the dumpster fire that was Batman vs. Superman, but that’s a pretty low bar to clear. It had a good deal of humor, and I’ll happily pay to see Ezra Millar as The Flash.  The plot was fine- nothing that exciting or interesting, but not terrible. The villain was boring and forgettable, and while an interesting bad guy is often what makes me love a particular story, I’ll admit that there have been some highly enjoyable superhero movies where the villain was the weakest part. (I’m looking at you, Iron Man and Obidiah Stain.)  



Cap n Kap (2)What can Captain America teach us about Colin Kapernick, and vice versa? Are heroes just on the screen, or can we have real life heroes? Do heroes need to be perfect, or can we see someone as heroic in spite of their flaws? And what happens when our heroes fall from grace?



We had some technical difficulties this week. Could it be the NSA doesn’t want you to hear our ideas? More likely I just screwed up a few things, but either way, next week will be better!

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