Lex Luthor

Ep 58: Red Son Zenith

Is Superman aRed Son product of nature or nurture? This episode looks at the Red Son story, which imagines an alternative future in which Kal-El landed in the USSR, and grew up to fight for Truth, Justice, and the Communist Way.


This episode also features special guest, Jess Dunks. Jess is a former USAF Korean Linguist and a professional level judge for Magic: the Gathering events. He’s also been a fan of superhero stories ever since he found a comic book store he could walk to when he was 12, and his favorite hero is Boo, the only Miniature Giant Space Hamster in the Realm.


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Do we need SHIELD?

Luthor_Was_RightIf aliens and superpowers were real, would we need SHIELD? Are Lex Luthor and Amanda Waller right to be scared of Superman? Why do government agencies dealing with powered people have to be secret? Paul & Matthew cover these questions and more!

Special thanks to our listeners who sent in questions for us to discuss on the podcast.


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Podcast: Killing President Luthor

super-vs-lexShould Superman kill President Lex Luthor? What should superheroes do when supervillains are elected by the people? Tune in as Paul and Matthew do their best to get themselves on an FBI watchlist by exploring these questions and more- along with a surprise guest appearance half way through!

Contains spoilers for Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, and episodes of The Justice League.


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