Marty Byrde

Ep 97 – Ozark. There be Ethics in dem der Hills

ozarkWhile Ozark is a bit outside our normal topic- it certainly has a lot of villains with different ethical perspectives, all of whom are convinced they’re the good one! Stranded Panda extraordinaire Ashley Coffin joins me as we talk about each of the characters and difficult choices they have to make. Whether your love the show, or have no idea what’s going on, there’s a lot here to dive into!

Ashley Coffin is a nerd girl hailing from Philadelphia, Pa who loves all things Marvel. She is very into horror movies, has probably seen whatever show you are watching, and can frequently be found on Stranded Panda hang outs, commenting on podcasts and kicking all of our asses at MCU trivia. She would also like you to tell your dog she said hi.
Instagram: electrical_ash
Twitter: @AshleyannCoffin

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