Persona 5

EP 84: Jacob’s Last Waltz & Persona 5


Image result for persona 5Today’s episode is bittersweet as it marks Jacob’s last as co-host. To give him a proper send off, we’re diving into a topic he’s been eager to talk about- using mind control to make people stop doing bad things, in particular in the video game, Persona 5.  Is altering, or even completely changing, someone’s brain, a morally appropriate way to stop people from hurting others? If so, what acts justify it, and who decides? What does mind reprogramming look like as punishment in Babylon 5 and for Prof. X?

Jacob is stepping down as co-host, but he will remain a supporter and occasional guest of the show. He’s had a great run and brought so much to podcast that I’ll forever be grateful for.  Please join me in paying tribute to Jacob by sharing a favorite memory of his time, or just thanking him for being a part of this.

More info on the episode of Babylon 5 we discussed can be found here.


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Also, we have some big news to announce-

First, we are adding ads to the podcasts. This is part of a larger program we’ve been invited to by our podcast host, that will help us significantly increase listener-ship, and bring more people into our conversations, as well as make it a lot easier for me, Matthew, to keep bringing you all this content. Going forward, while we record we will designate an ‘ad break’ in our dialogue. Adding commercials to some of the older episodes will sometimes make for wonky breaks, as in this one, but we’re doing our best to find appropriate times to ad them.

Second, we’re moving the podcast over to a new account! This is part of the new program, and will make things easier in the long run, but it means some of the links on old Facebook pages need to be updated. I’m going to be going through and changing those but for the moment, if you want to find a specific episode, just go directly to that podcast’s page.

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