Cap n Kap (2)What can Captain America teach us about Colin Kapernick, and vice versa? Are heroes just on the screen, or can we have real life heroes? Do heroes need to be perfect, or can we see someone as heroic in spite of their flaws? And what happens when our heroes fall from grace?



We had some technical difficulties this week. Could it be the NSA doesn’t want you to hear our ideas? More likely I just screwed up a few things, but either way, next week will be better!

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Part 2 of our Podcast on Luke Cage & Identity

luke-cage-bulletsIn this episode, Paul and I finish our discussion of the issue of identity in superheros, focusing on the first episode of Luke Cage along with related questions of identity and race in the  upcoming Dr. Strange and Iron Fist.


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Why I’m Going to see Ghostbusters-Sexism and the Value of Popcorn Movies

Ghostbusters NewTomorrow I’ll going to see the new Ghostbusters movie, and I want to talk about how I decided I was going to. This is less of an essay with a point and more of a personal narrative, but it’s one that taught me a lot, and I hope can offer some insight to others.

It started a few months ago, when I was going round and round with a lot of conflicting thoughts about whether or not I would go.  Let’s review for those playing along at home:


Do Black Lives Only Matter if they are Wakandan? That and Other Thoughts Inspired by Wiscon, the Feminist Sci-Fi Convention

I spent Friday and Saturday at the awesome Wiscon, and have had a bunch of thoughts bouncing around in my head ever since. Some of them may develop into full posts of their own, but for now I’m going to do a bit of a brain dump, highlighting some of the great things I heard and the thoughts they inspired.

 I’m going to try attribute as many of the ideas as I can, but I wasn’t able to catch the names of all the great people I met or heard present, and I don’t want to quote people by name without their specific consent.  Anything in italics came from someone else, and anything I’m claiming as my own was likely more inspired by others than I’m giving credit for. Similarly, most of the italics are paraphrases from memory, so any mistakes or misquotes are my own fault.