Ep 65: The Angry Hero

angry-superheroesIs anger a righteous trait in a hero, or a dangerous one? Who gets to be angry, and who how does race and gender play into it? Where is the line between anger and hate, and is it less ok to be angry if you have more power? Jacob and Matthew dive into these questions on this episode.

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Ep 64: The Jedi, the Sith, & good ol’ Palps

Jedi & Sith

Are the Sith the mustache twirling villains the initially appear to be, or is there a method to their madness? Where did the Jedi go wrong? Are emotions something to be held back, or fully embraced in a space wizard, and how did the Jedi and Sith codes inform each other?


Jacob and Matthew jump into these questions, with the help of friend and fellow Star Wars Nerd Extraordinaire, Jonah Kellman. Jonah cares far too much about Star Wars, particularly the extended universe. When not ranting, he can be found reading, playing video games or delving into worldbuilding. Find him on facebook or around the internet as Muscratt.