Ep 49: Do we Trade Lives? The Ethics of Infinity War

*** SPOILER WARNING *** Even our show notes have spoilers

IW PostIs Cap’ right to claim “We don’t trade lives?” Could Thanos have been stopped if our heroes made different choices? What role does hubris play when heroes don’t want to make tough choices? And how much of an idiot was Peter Quill?

In this episode, Jacob and Matthew dive deep into the questions that came out of Avengers: Infinity War, exploring Thanos himself, the various ways the Avengers tried to stop him, and our hopes for where things go in the coming movies and TV shows.

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Note- We recorded this episode live again, which led to a great discussion, but also caused some sound issues. Jacob did a heroic job cleaning things up, but we know it is still not up to our normal standards. Please know we are aware of that, and and are taking steps to ensure we return to our normal quality in upcoming episodes.

Heroes, On Screen and Off


What makes a hero? Should our heroes be paragons of virtue we strive to be, or flawed people we can relate to?Who are our heros in real life, and how are our ideas of heroism changing, on screen and off?

Matthew discusses these questions and more with special guest Adam Hulse, focusing in particular on Spiderman, Batman, and Superman.



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