Value of Life

Ep 87 – The Ethics of AI


This week, we’re joined by returning guest Rob McKenzie, and first time guest Dan McCreary to talk about the ethics of Artificial Intelligence. What is AI, and what do we mean by concepts like sentience? Why does so much sci-fi assume AI will be our enemy? And what is the moral value of robotic life?

Rob McKenzie is a science fiction and fantasy reader and Magic the Gathering judge from Minnesota. He is passionate about interesting books, running great gaming events, and helping other people have fun with their passions.

Dan McCreary has working with AI in professional and hobby settings for many years. He is one of the co-founders of the AI Racing League, MN, which brings Artificial Intelligence education to underserved and underprivileged schools by teaching kids how to build and race model cars controlled by AI.

The movie mentioned by Dan was, Colossus, the Forbin project –

Matthew’s podcasting on Altered Carbon can be found here –
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