Hero in a Wheelchair- The Defenders Spoke for me as a disabled person

Matt Chair 210 minutes into Defenders ep 1, and Matt just became the disabled superhero I’ve been waiting for.

-very mild spoilers ahead-

This is Matthew, founder and host of this site. If you’ve been listening or reading for a while, you know that representation in superheroes is an issue I care about deeply.  Yet, as a disabled person, I rarely see myself on screen in superhero stories.  Instead I’ve been frustrated as we get character after character who has a disability, but also has some superpower or tech or other way of making their disability irrelevant.  Daredevil can ‘see’ through his other senses better than most sighted characters, Felicity has tech that makes her as mobile as anyone else on Arrow- heck even Yoda turns out to be a total badass when he throws away his cane and starts fighting.