Car Talk Sneak Preview- Caraoke!

singJacob and Matthew recently went on a long road trip together, and that means not one, but TWO car talk episodes will be coming your way soon!
As a sneak preview, here is a clip of the ridiculous karaoke they recorded in the car. Full songs may even be included as the outro for the upcoming car talk episodes. Whether that is a promise or a threat, we leave up to you.

Part 2 of our Podcast on Luke Cage & Identity

luke-cage-bulletsIn this episode, Paul and I finish our discussion of the issue of identity in superheros, focusing on the first episode of Luke Cage along with related questions of identity and race in the  upcoming Dr. Strange and Iron Fist.


Download the episode by right-clicking here,  or find us on Itunes by searching for Superhero  Ethics Podcast.

Who are the heroes that you see yourself in? Let us know in the comments below!